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About Us


Birth and concept

 First created with the idea of blending grants to fund engineering and technology project solutions the business has thrived to fund all aspects of education, healthcare, non-profits and for profit business.  Once a vision is now a reality for many receiving the financial funding to realize their own visions.

Our staff has been performing Strategic Planning and Grant Preparation work for over 30 years.  From the largest Corporate America businesses to the most giving non-profit agencies in the United States, Crystal Works GETS Solutions for all business types.  Our Business Strategy (BS) segments (people and processes) are very experienced with local, state and federal government procedures and procurement.  We will ensure that the rights steps are in place when procuring, registering, and applying for Grants, Engineering/Energy, and Technology Solutions.

Crystal Works’ seasoned staff is well versed with various grants to provide expertise with education, technology, engineering, security, energy efficiency, healthcare, social service, and non-profit grant services.  Specific grants and funding sources will be sought in and around your tailored project or initiative to increase your likelihood of receiving all funds requested.


In addition to our grant expertise a strong focus on the latest technologies and technology planning for our clients is paramount.  A grant technology plan that Crystal Works provides pinpoints the exact solutions and supporting documentation designed for your precise projects.  Our Technology Assessments (TA) can provide an unbiased product perspective that your company may need for the right long and short-term solutions. Technology Project Services (TPS) include videoconferencing, Voice over IP (VoIP), phone system, telemedicine, security, analytics, complete network design and documentation provided to support grant funding requests.  The Technology Assessment and Technology Project Service segments go hand in hand for proper technology planning and successful grant fund projects.  


Lastly, engineering and/or specific initiatives can be assessed and evaluated for overall energy efficiencies to include solar, wind, rate scheduling, and other energy efficiency funding available.  Our engineers provide the most cost effective and ideal modifications for a new or existing system and bundle grant fund applications behind your initiatives.  Crystal Works can develop an efficient action plan, product evaluation, and encompass the project with grant fund subsidizing.  Through our tried and true Complete Business Development Plan (CBDP) you will experience short and long-term savings with all business aspects of funds (Grants), Engineering, and Technology Solutions with Crystal Works GETS Solutions!